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21 Inch Auto Folding Umbrella
Reapfield Academy Sdn Bhd is Malaysia Property Agency based in SE.

Reapfield Academy Sdn Bhd ordered the 21 inch auto folding umbrella as the corporate gifts. The umbrella is made of 8 rib constructions with resin-reinforced fiberglass ribs that flex slightly to withstand powerful gusts without turning inside out, also designed with a three-fold chrome plated metal shaft, and strong metal frame to allow for greater stability in high winds. The umbrella's canopy automatically opens and closes with the simple touch of a button. Push the button to open; push the button to close. A useful addition to any travel bag, backpack, or briefcase, this automatic travel umbrella helps keep you dry when the skies turn dark and the pouring rain begins.

16528  21 Inch Auto Folding Umbrella


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