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Gym Towel with Zipper Pocket

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Zipper Pocket to Keep Your Valuables Safe: With a huge opening zipper pocket allows you to carry your things like money, phone and keys and keep them safe while in the gym, doing yoga, on the beach, camping or traveling.
Premium Quality & New Technology: Running Towels are made from the highest quality microfiber which allows them to absorb up to 10 times more than other towels and dry faster without leaving nasty odors Lightweight & Compact: Thick enough to soak everything up and also light-weight and breathable so you an drape it over your shoulders while running or hiking and you wont get too hot.
Perfect for: Sports or gym buffs, golfers, athletes, folks of all ages and genders & yoga, hiking, camping, health issues with night sweats! Use it as a running towel, a yoga towel, a gym towel, a camping towel, a golf towel, a tennis towel, a travel towel, a workout towel during routines like cross-fit, zumba, pilates and more.
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